Private Retreats

Due to the exceptional location of the Institute, it is also a particularly suitable place for personal retreat and study. Each year, a number of residents and people from outside the Institute come to do individual retreats that vary in duration from a week up to several months.

Solitary Personal Retreats

The personal retreats are therefore ideal for people who would like to do some practice alone, rather than as part of a course at the Institute. The environment is highly conducive to attaining a peaceful heart and a harmonious mind.

Instruction and advice on personal practice can be provided by the Rinpoche or the Khenpo on an individual basis, on request.

Daily teaching and guided meditation practice is also offered by our resident teacher every evening during the time when a course is on-going.

Please note that people on personal retreats will be staying together in the same building and would usually eat together with the other students. Students have the choice to join in with any pujas that take place that day. Students would then be alone when they go to their room for their practice. Should someone also wish to take their meals in private, for a more 'solitary' type retreat experience, that can be arranged upon request.

Apply For A Personal Retreat

1 - Download Registeration Form

To register, please download the registration form (word doc), then fill out the form.

Download Registration Form for Retreat

2 - Email Completed Registeration Form

Once completed please submit the registration form via email to: or Please answer 'private retreat' to the question asking which course/retreat you are registering for.


If you want further information about personal retreats, please contact us at: or
Tel: (977) 1-433-1679

Student on Retreat in Personal Room

Student on Retreat in Personal Room