Shangpa Rinpoche

Buddhist Meditation Retreats and Dharma Courses

"The Kagyu Institute of Buddhist Studies (KIBS), offers a place for all levels of students who are looking for a quiet and peaceful centre where they can retreat, study, meditate and practice the Buddhist teachings" - Shangpa Rinpoche (Founder).

Our Retreats and Dharma Courses attract students from all over the world, and are suitable for people at all levels of knowledge and experience. Our classes are all taught in English.

Our teachers (Khenpo's or Rinpoche's) are deeply grounded in tradition, yet are equally able to communicate the teachings to the 'modern mind' - whether of the 'East' or 'West'.

Our courses bridge the gap between theory and practice, and give you tools to make a difference to your lives. Whether it's to deepen your meditation, or your knowledge of the Buddha's teachings, KIBS offers you the ideal environment ...

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Bodhisattva Aspiration

" May the Buddhadharma - the sole medicine for all suffering and the foundation of all joy - be upheld, honoured and may it remain for a long time.

As long as space endures,
As long as sentient beings remain,
Until then, may I too remain,
And dispel the miseries of the world. "


Message from the Founder - Shangpa Rinpoche